County Donegal Railway Joint Commitee Carriages

Series 1 Nos. 1-11

Eleven vehicles built in 1882 by the Railway Carriage and Wagon Co. for the West Donegal Railway; six wheelers; weight 9 tons; length – 31 feet; 1 saloon (later for directors' use), two 1st/2nd/3rd tri-composites, five 3rd class, three brake/2nd/3rd. No. 1 is preserved at the railway hall, Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra, Co. Down. Photo is of no. 1.

Series 2 Nos. 12-28

17 vehicles built in 1893 by the Oldbury Carriage and Wagon Co. for the Donegal Railway as it had become to handle the increased traffic from the newly-opened Killybegs extension, the regauging of the Finn Valley Railway in 1894 and the opening of the Glenties branch in 1895; bogie vehicles; weight 10 tons; length – 31 feet; five 1st/2nd/3rd tricomposites, one 1st/3rd composite, five 3rd class, six brake/3rd. No. 28 is preserved at the Donegal Railway Heritage Centre. Photo is of no. 28.

Series 3 Nos. 29-34

6 vehicles built in 1901 by the Oldbury Carriage and Wagon Co. for the Donegal Railway to handle increased traffic; bogie vehicles; weight 9 tons (nos 29 and 30), 12 tons (nos. 31 to 34); length – 36 feet; two 3rd class (smoking and non-smoking) originally with verandah ends, four 3rd class. No 30 converted in 1930s to railcar trailer vehicle (though not numbered in railcar fleet) for Letterkenny line. Photo is of no. 30.

Series 4 Nos. 35-43

9 vehicles built in 1905 by Pickerings of Wishaw for the Donegal Railway; bogie vehicles; weight 9 tons (nos 39 and 40), 12 tons (nos. 35 to 38 and 41 to 43); length – 36 feet; four 1st/2nd lavatory composites, two 3rd class saloons originally with verandah ends, four brake/3rds. Photo is of no. 35.

Series 5 Nos. 44-56

13 vehicles built in 1907 by the Oldbury Carriage and Wagon Co. for the Strabane and Letterkenny Railway; bogie vehicles; weight 12 tons; length – 36 feet; eight 3rd class, two 1st/2nd/3rd tri-composites. Photo is of no. 47.

Series 6 Nos. 57-59

3 vehicles transferred Ulster Transport Authority. Originally built for the Ballymena and Larne boat trains then transferred to the Ballycastle Railway. Built in 1928 by the Northern Counties Committee for the B&LR. No. 352 transferred in August 1951 entered service as no. 57. The remaining two were transferred over in January 1952. No 318 became no 58, and no 351 became no 59. Three 3rd class; weight 16 tons (nos 57 and 59) and 14 tons (no 58); length – 50 feet (nos 57 and 59), 42 feet (no 58). Photo is of all three coaches.